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Investor Friendly Policy Framework

Chhattisgarh welcomes investment for setting up such industries which add value to its natural resource base through an investor friendly climate.

Industrial Policy 2009-14

Industrial Policy 2009-14 has been prepared to provide for the accelerated growth of the Industrial Development, employment for youth as well as economical and social prosperity.

Key Incentives:

Fiscal Incentives – Subsidies

  • Interest Subsidy
  • Fixed Capital Investment Subsidy
  • Wide range of fiscal and policy incentives for businesses.
  • Project Report Cost Reimbursement Subsidy.
  • Quality Certification Subsidy.
  • Technical Patent Subsidy.
  • Margin Money Subsidy for SC/ST Entrepreneur.

Fiscal Incentives – Exemptions

  • Electricity Duty Exemption.
  • Stamp Duty Exemption.
  • Exemptions/Concessions in Premium on allotment of Land in Industrial Areas.
  • Exemption on Land Use Diversion Fee.
  • Reimbursement of Mandi Tax.
  • Industrial Award Scheme.
Click here to download the Industrial Policy 2009-14

Tourism policy

The tourism policy has been formulated to promote economically, culturally and ecologically sustainable tourism in the State; increase its contribution of tourism to the economic development of inter-related sectors; and encourage and promote private sector initiatives in developing tourism related infrastructure.

Click here to download the Tourism Policy

Urban development policy

The urban development policy has been formulated to ensure quality of urban living, increase accountability of urban local bodies; planned development and alleviation of urban poverty. The policy identifies four strategic initiatives for meeting the desired objectives: capacity building and institutional development; stress on operational efficiency; strengthen urban planning and enabling PPP.

Click here to download the Urban Development Policy

SEZ policy

The Government of Chhattisgarh has decided to formulate the Special Economic Zone Policy (SEZ Policy) to provide a comprehensive framework for establishment, operation and sustainability of Special Economic Zones in the State.

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Wind Energy Policy 2006

Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency (CREDA) will be the nodal agency for the wind power development in the State through the policy for promotion of power generation from wind.

Click here to download the Wind Energy Policy 2006

IT and ITeS Policy

IT/ ITeS is a priority sector identified in Industrial policy 2009. This has been framed with a view to establish a knowledge society consisting of informed, active and responsible citizens.

Chhattisgarh Infotech and biotech Promotion Society (CHiPS) has been set up to give impetus to IT growth in the State and implements initiatives for overall socio-economic development.

Click here to download the IT and ITeS Policy

Biotechnology Policy

To enable the local communities get optimal advantages of their natural, bio-cultural and bio-knowledge heritage in a sustainable manner. To facilitate an environment for research through development of infrastructure and appropriate incentives.

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