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【首页】热火惨败一战又折戟三主力 高强度后的隐患冠军还有几分悬念?
发布时间:2021-10-07 04:19:02

On October 1, Beijing time, the first game of the NBA Finals officially started today. The Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers lost their suspense early in the game. In the end, the Heat lost 98 to 116 and lost a lot of points. In addition to the disparity in the score, the Heat also lost two major players in this game, and the issue of injuries also made this round of the series seem almost lost in suspense.


The Heat fought the Celtics in six games in the Eastern Conference Finals, and finally eliminated their opponents without any risk, returning to the Finals after six years. They are in full momentum and are regarded by the outside world as a tough team. In the era of small lineups, the Heat can be said to have played the role of every athlete on the court to the extreme. And under the cultivation of Spolskola, the sudden emergence of young people such as Taylor Hilo and Duncan Robinson has found hope for the future for the Heat. As well as the leadership ability of Jimmy Butler and Dragic, this civilian division also looks like a champion.

热火在东部决赛中与凯尔特人队进行了六场比赛,最终在没有任何风险的情况下淘汰了对手,六年后重返总决赛。他们充满了动力,被外界视为一支艰难的团队。在阵容较小的时代,热火可以说是场上每个运动员的角色发挥到了极致。在斯波尔斯科拉的培养下,泰勒·希洛和邓肯·罗宾逊等年轻人的突然崛起为热火的未来找到了希望。除了吉米·巴特勒(Jimmy Butler)和德拉季奇(Drgic)的领导能力外,这个平民区也看起来像冠军。

In today's game, the Heat continued their good form at the start, leading by double digits in the first quarter when they made the most shots. However, as the game progressed, some unexpected situations on the court made the Heat unable to cope. When Dragic broke through in the first half, he suddenly sprained his ankle. After returning to the locker room with the team doctor, he was unable to return for the subsequent game.


Later, Jimmy Butler forced a breakthrough under the defense of the thick eyebrow brother, slipping on his foot and spraining his ankle, although after a short treatment, he returned to the game. But judging from the competitive state, Butler was obviously affected by injuries. He scored 16 points in the first half and only seven points in the second half. And after a breakthrough in the last quarter, Butler looked a little staggered again, shocked the Heat fans in a cold sweat.

后来,吉米·巴特勒(Jimmy Butler)在厚眉兄弟的防守下强行突破,脚滑并扭伤了脚踝,尽管经过短暂治疗,他还是重返赛场。但是从竞争状态来看,巴特勒显然受到了伤害。上半场他得到16分,下半场仅得到7分。在上个季度取得突破之后,巴特勒再次显得有些agger不休,震惊了热火球迷。

After the two main players were injured, the Heat's lineup had a certain adjustment in the second half, and Shiro replaced Dragic as the starting position. But in an offensive rendezvous in the third quarter, the inside giant Adebayor also suffered a shoulder injury due to a physical confrontation with Howard. Adebayor also returned to the dressing room and did not return.


The three main players in a game have suffered varying degrees of injury, and the problem thrown to the Heat has now been infinitely magnified. In the case of Orlando going to the second game only one day later, can the three main generals return and can they guarantee their respective competitive status. Although a loss in the finals does not determine the trend of the series for the team, but the outcome of losing his wife and losing troops, I believe Spolskola is difficult to accept.


Injuries have sounded a wake-up call for the Heat. After all, under the special competition system, the Heat continued their high-intensity training methods, allowing many players to bury hidden dangers for injuries on weekdays. What's more frightening is that when they face up to the Lakers, their height suffers. If they can't guarantee sufficient physical fitness and energy, injuries are inevitable.


Such a defeat gave the Heat some warnings, and I don't know if there will be adjustments in the subsequent series. After all, in seven games of four wins, as long as the Heat can rebound, the outcome is still uncertain. But if the wounded cannot return normally, then the champion will lose a lot of suspense.


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